Sex Toy 411

Anal Sex Toys Shopping

Picking out your first anal sex toy can be very overwhelming, there's so many out there and they look so strange, how can you possibly decide on one? I've included this section, to help those of you, who have never used an anal toy before, find one that's right for you. But even if you've already used an anal toy, you can use this guide to pick out a new one. So here's some questions to ask yourself to help you sort through all this info.

Please note that I'll be going into great detail about these toys and I encourage you to use this as a guide and even try the toys I recommend. But honestly, it's really trying things out and seeing how you feel about them that's the best...but that's part of the fun, the discovery.

I've tried to keep all toys on the affordable side. I cover care and storage in another section and I highly recommend reading that as well. I want to offer you quality toys that you'll get some mileage out of and won't have to buy a replacement for in a month.

Do you desire the feeling of being fulfilled or to be thrusted anally?

If you just want the feeling of being fulfilled without any thrusting, then I recommend a butt plug or anal beads, but even in that, there are still some choices. A pear shaped butt plug is the toy that will give you smooth penetration.  This style is designed for complete insertion in which your anal muscles tighten and contract around the plug, holding it in. For beginners, I recommend trying a finger first to see if anal penetration is something you even enjoy. If you find it does tickle your fancy then it's best to start with something that's not too thick and work your way up. The small plugs are usually about as thick as a finger or two and while that sounds good, they do tend to slip out because they are so thin. Small plugs don't have the bulbous bottom that a larger one has so I recommend starting with a medium size plug like this Falcon Plug. It's not expensive, but it's also not a cheapy.

A newer style of butt plug that's been given rave reviews is the Basix Plug.  It's curved shape offers two sensations. For men, it is designed to massage the prostate. For women, it can have an extremely arousing effect on the G-Spot.  Plus it's curved design fits better with the curve of your body. This one comes with a small wireless vibrator that gives you the option of playing around with vibrations as well. I love vibrations!

For the smoothest insertion available, you can't beat a Glass Butt Plug. The thought of glass makes some people cringe, but it's really very safe. Not only is glass smooth, but it's the most sanitary anal toy you can own. It can be thrown in the dishwasher (top rack) or boiled to clean it thoroughly. Because it's glass, it warms up to body temperature, nicely and it has some weight to it, so you feel like you're being penetrated by something substantial. Glass toys are my favorite, they're a little pricey but with the quality you get in a glass toy and the fact that it can last you a lifetime, the price is really not an issue.

Rippled plugs, are fun too. They have different size ridges, ribs, or bubbles, from small to large, and get inserted one bubble at a time.  Anal Beads are similar in that they also offer bubbles that get inserted one at a time. The sensation of your muscles tightening and contracting around each bead can be very exciting. The beads can be all the same size or can gradually get larger. I don't like to use the beads that are attached to a string or that have some thin plastic ring around the end that could possiby break. I feel more secure with a plug style bead or probe like the Radient Gems because I know that the base is securely attached to the bubbles and can be pulled out safely. With my muscles tightening around those bubbles, I want to make sure I can securely pull them out. Plus the string is impossible to disinfect and when it comes to anal play, I want my toys clean.

If you want to be penetrated and thrusted (anal intercourse), a dildo with a flared base like the Radient Gems Anal Starter, would be best because with all the lube you need for comfortable thrusting, you'll want to be certain that you or your partner have full control over the dildo and that there's no possible way that the dildo can get sucked into your rectum. As with butt plugs, make sure you do a little measuring first to see what size you would be comfortable with thrusting in and out of your anus. The Bond resembles a penis so you do have that thicker head part to get in first. If you're looking for something smoother with the same thickness from top to bottoem, I recommend, the Basix Smoothie.

Do you want your toys to vibrate?

Vibrations around the anus can be just as stimulating as vibrations on the testicles or clitoris. These vibrations can also relax your muscles, allowing for your play to go further. There are many vibrating butt plugs available, some have a small wireless bullet-size vibrator that gives you the option of using the vibrator or not. Whereas others have a corded egg vibrator attached, so whether or not you desire vibrations, you still have to deal with the cord and remote. Some don't feel like the bullet vibes provide a powerful enough vibration. If you're one of those people that likes a lot of vibration, then I recommend using the plug with corded vibe or using a totally separate egg vibrator. Hold it at the base of the plug for maximum effect. Electric vibrators, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, have attachments available for anal penetration. I really like the G-Spot attachment because it has that natural curve to it. Of course, make sure you have different attachments for anal and vaginal penetration. Actually all the attachments for the Wand Vibrators can be used for anal penetration. Vibrating dildos, as long as they have a flared base or testicles, can also add the vibrations while being anally penetrated and thrusted. 

What material do you want?

If you want something that's easy to clean and easy to keep disinfected, I recommend glass and silicone. Both can be thrown in the diswasher to disinfect and both are non porous. Please note though that you can not use silicone lube with a silicone toy because the lube will destroy the toy. Vinyl is also nonporous so it can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. Jelly rubber has a fun carbonated appearance, but it is porous so it's impossible to completely disinfect. You can not put a jelly toy in a dishwasher or boil it. If you do get a jelly toy I recommend using a condom over it.

What size anal toy should I get?

Every anal toy is available in a variety of sizes. A good way to find out is to measure how many fingers you can fit comfortably in your anus. Most people feel that their first plug or insertion toy should be really slim, but that's not necessarily true. Some complain about the slim butt plugs slipping out prematurely or the slim ones being too slim. You'll also want to consider how deeply you want to be penetrated so pay attention to the length of the toy as well.

Are you on a budget?

Just like most toys, the material and the features are what makes it expensive or inexpensive. If you're looking for really inexpensive, Jelly Rubber and Vinyl tend to be less expensive than Silicone or Glass. But if you do get jelly, make sure you use condoms over them. Also, keep in mind that vibrating anal toys will be a little more expensive due to the included vibrator.