Sex Toy 411

Anal Sex Toys - Different Kinds of're all ready to experience anal ecstasy, but there are so many toys to choose from, and some of them look really weird. So this guide is designed to simply explain all the lovely toys that are available for your pleasure.

Anal Beads

Anal beads look like a string of pearls that get inserted into the anus one at a time. The beads can be as small as large pearls and as big as baseballs. Anal beads are very popular because the sensation of each bead being popped into and being pulled out of the anus can be very pleasurable. It's also very enjoyable for one partner to do to another. Getting an up close and personal view of each ball being sucked into the anus or being pulled out of the anus can be very arousing. The anal beads can be pulled out quickly during orgasm. Some feel this is intensifies their orgasm. They can also be pulled out one by one before, during or after orgasm. Some find this to be more pleasurable, because they feel that by pulling them out quickly, they don't get the same sensation of each ball popping out.

The Anchors Away Anal Beads are a good set to start out with because they're really inexpensive, have a good secure handle to pull them out and don't have a cloth string. I really don't recommend the beads attached by a cloth cord because it's impossible to totally clean and disinfect that cord. So while silicone or glass is best, they can be more expensive, so then my second runner up would be beads and cords made of jelly and plan on replacing them often.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are the kind of anal toy you want to use if you have the desire to be penetrated but not thrusted. Butt plugs are inserted into the anus and left in, while the wearer engages in other types of play and stimulation. Once a butt plug is inserted a person can move into any position they want and the plug will stay in. The most important feature about butt plugs is the flared base. This flared base acts like a stopper, so the the plug doesn't get sucked completely into the rectum. Believe me, many folks have experienced anal penetration with all kinds of objects and did not know that things can be lost in the rectum and sure enough, it became a very embarrassing trip to the hospital. Part of the problem with this is that you need a lot of lubricant with anal toys and with so much lube, you may lose your grasp on an item that doesn't have a flared base. Butt plugs give you the feeling of fullness in your anus without all the thrusting that can be annoying to some. Butt plugs are available in different styles that are meant to provide a different sensation. So let's take a peak. 

Pear Shaped

Picture a pear with a narrower tip at the top, a thick center and a narrow shaft connected to a flared base. The Falcon Plug is the perfect example of a classic plug. All the other styles are a variation of this style. This style is designed for complete insertion in which your anal muscles tighten and contract around the plug, holding it in. This style of plug gets inserted all at once. 


Ribbed plugs, like the Plush Intermediate, have different size ridges or ribs, from small to large, connected to a flared base. These ribs provide the sensation of the rectum enlarging and contracting around each ridge that gradually get larger. This type of plug doesn't have be inserted all at once, like the pear shaped plug. You can insert it like anal beads, one rib at a time. For as many people that like the ribs, there's just as many that find them to be an annoying distraction from the whole experience.


These plugs can be inserted and inflated to twice its original size. It's attached to a hose with a pump, similar to that of a  blood pressure kit. The COLT Expandable Butt Plug is a great example of this cool plug. I like it because you're not inserting a thick plug to start with but as your precious bottom adjusts to the plug being there, you can then inflate it and make it larger. So it's a gradual feeling of fulfillment, instead of all at once. Adult film star Chloe, who's known as the anal queen, uses this type of plug to prepare for anal sex. It gets her anus enlarged and ready for penetration.

Anal Vibrators

I love vibrations...anywhere and everywhere is good for me! The skin is so sensitive to them so of course vibrations around the anus can be just as stimulating as vibrations on the testicles or clitoris. These vibrations can actually be helpful in relaxing your muscles, allowing for your anal play to go further.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Just about every style butt plug is available in a vibrating version. This is possible by a vibrating bullet that has been encased in the center. They usually have a battery pack with controls attached by a thin cord. The Rump Shakers is a good example, while probes like the Anal-Flex Probe have controls on the handle. 

Battery Vibes

G-spot vibes, like the Leaning Tower Of Penis (I love some of these names!), can be great for anal play. The curved tip is great for stimulating the prostate on men and even the g-spot on women. This is because women's genitals are very close together. I do not recommended using a slimline vibe for anal insertion because it doesn't have a flared base. (I know I keep mentioning this, but it's so important). If you lose your grip, which is possible considering the amount of lube that is used during anal sex, the vibe can be sucked all the way into the rectum. If you must use a battery vibe for insertion, make sure it has a flared base of some sort on it.

Electric Vibrators

Electric Vibes like the Hitachi Magic Wand should have attachments that are safe for anal play because these attachments are usually securely joined together. If the attachment is not securely fastened or comes off easily and doesn't have a flared base, do not use it anally. And make sure you keep all vaginal and anal attachments separate, especially if you use jelly rubber ones that can't be cleaned thoroughly.

Wand Vibrator Attachments

The Hitachi Magic Wand Vibe has an attachment that was devised for g-spot stimulation, but it's also really sweet for anal penetration. Since it's curved, it can stimulate the prostate and g-spot and tends to go with the natural curves of the rectum. Most other wand attachments can be used anally because they attach onto the foam head by a cup which prohibits any attachment from being lost in the rectum. My favorite attachment, when I'm in the mood for anal pleasure, is the G-Spot attachment because of that wonderful curve.

Anal Dildos

Regular Dildo

If you want to use a regular dildo for anal play, your choices are numerous. However, I do have one stipulation...look for dildos with a flared bottom or one with testicles on the bottom.  Safety first! The Basix 5.5" Smoothy is a lot of fun.

Strap-Ons for Anal Penetration

The important thing about using strap-ons to penetrate your partner anally is do not buy a plug for your harness. A plug is meant to stay in the rectum. While some people enjoy this, I don't recommend it for beginners because a plug can be very uncomfortable if it is thrusted in and out of the anus. So select a dildo for your harness and make sure that the person you're going to anally penetrate approves of the dildo size. Most harness dildos have a flared base so they don't come loose from the harness, but if for some reason it does not, common sense by now should tell you not to use it anally. If you're thinking of buying a harness, before you go any further on this journey, I highly recommend checking out my article on How to Choose a Strap-On Dildo. There are a lot of affordable all-in-one kits sold online. They look enticing because it's all in one package, nothing to really think about, but they aren't very good. Most of the time, the harness won't fit correctly or be comfortable to wear. Plus, your partner has no choice in the dildo selection and the dildo that comes with the kit may not be a size your partner is interested in. So get a quality harness, it makes all the difference.

Anal Probes

The anal probe is the longest of all the anal toys. The insertion shaft can be just about any shape a smooth tube, ribbed or even penis shaped. Some are quite creative while others even have pearls in the shaft that massage and tickle the rectum while still others may vibrate. This particular toy may not be able to be inserted all the way, due to the length. I really enjoy the Juli Ashton Anal Teaser. It's rare that I get it all the way in, but it's awful fun trying.

These toys are all available in a variety of colors and materials, so you'll want to check out my article on sex toy materials so you know which type will appeal to you most. Technology moves fast and the adult industry is the first to pick up on new materials to use, so I'm sure there are some matericals you've never heard of but will be glad you did.