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Anal Sex Toys - Why You Should Be Using Them

Anal play, of any kind, is the most forbidden form of sex. As a result of all the myths and misconceptions about anal sex and anal sex toys, many are surprised to find that they really like it. I love anal pleasure and anal sex toys are a great way to enhance sex and masturbation. These toys are not something that have to be used every time you have sex or masturbate. Whenever you're in the mood, you can grab a toy and go to town on yourself.

The Anus Is A Very Sensitive Erogenous Zone For Both Men And Women

The anus is filled with many very sensitive blood vessels and nerve endings. For women, the anus is located very closely to the vagina. As a result of this closeness, adult film star Nina Hartley says it best, " Anal penetration feels more intense than vaginal. With clit stimulation at the same time as anal penetration, it turns the whole experience into a big clit thing that's very enjoyable. The butt becomes an extension of the clit." When we women become aroused and excited, our genitals become engorged, with the anus being so close, its nerves become more sensitive and perceptive to touch and penetration. Just as the feeling of fullness in the vagina is pleasurable, the feeling of fullness in the anus, feeling the anal muscles contract around a toy, can be just as pleasurable or even more pleasurable. Anal penetration is also something pleasurably explored by women who are going through menopause or have lost a lot of sensitivity in their vagina.

Men also receive great pleasure from anal stimulation. Since they are the ones that usually do the penetrating, anal penetration allows them to experience that very satisfying feeling of fullness and that position of being on the receiving end. Some men find anal penetration exciting because it stimulates the bulb of the penis and the prostate. The prostate is located at the root of the penis, and lies along nerve pathways to the brain. This location causes the brain to pick up these pleasurable signals as they come and go. Many men can have orgasms from prostate stimulation alone, it's known as the male g-spot. By stimulating the prostate, you're producing pressure against the root of the penis which feels like an internal genital massage.

Anal Toys Are Designed To Provide This Pleasure, Safely.

Our precious tissues and membranes in our anus are very thin, making them fragile. Being creative and sticking just anything in your rectum can be dangerous, plus as you've heard in articles, some items can be sucked into the rectum. And you can't just defecate them out. Most of the time, it's a very embarrassing, very painful trip to the hospital to have the object removed.

Anal toys are made of smooth materials so the anal membranes don't get scraped or ripped. They are made with flared bases so they won't get lost in your rectum. Some people see the anus as an unclean orifice, no matter how much they clean. Anal toys allow those of you, to experiment with anal penetration and stimulation without the anxiety of hands or other body parts getting messy with fecal matter.  Some people feel that no matter how well groomed you keep your hands and now matter how smooth you keep them, they do not provide the same smooth penetration as an anal toy. I am in fact one of those people. There's something about the smoothness of a glass plugthat feels so unbelievable. To me fingers have bones and knuckles and if I'm in the mood for smooth penetration a finger doesn't provide it for me. I'm very picky about anal lovin' and it's okay, in fact, you can be too.

So are you convinced yet?

No? That's okay, lots of people have been conditioned into believing that anal play of any type is a naughty, disgusting, taboo activity. So don't' give up! Keep reading, there's still a lot more information for you to absorb and digest before making a final decision. There's lots of information within this site that can make using your anal toys more pleasurable, because adult toys don't come with instructions.