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Simple Bondage Gear Accessories


Collars and Chokers can be a very hot accessory to your love making. They fasten around the neck and usually have at least 1 ring on it to attach a strap, chain or leash that can also be attached to wrist or ankle cuffs. Always make sure that you can fit a few fingers between the choker/collar and the wearer's skin. Also be sure that the there isn't too much pulling or stress on the neck. Collars can also just be worn as a sign of submission. Nothing has to be done to it or with it. It just means that the wearer has submitted to you. Many couples start their bondage play with the dominant applying the collar/choker to the submissive and once that's done, even if in the middle of sexual play, the bondage play and any role playing that is incorporated has to begin at that moment. If this is your desire, our friends at offer collars with words on them, so you can choose what you'd like yours to say. These are lots of fun.

Other Sex Toys

Any other toy that you both like to use can be incorporated into bondage play. You don't have to just use bondage toys during bondage play. It's all about pleasure and fantasy and making each other feel good. So if you want to be restrained with a butt plug inserted, that's great, we encourage it. If you want to be restrained and have intercourse with your lover, then go for it! If you want your partner to tease you with a vibrator or even bring to orgasm with your favorite vibrator, then hey, get it out and ready to use! Bondage play can be as serious and hardcore or as playful and fun as you both want it to be.

Cock Ring with Leash

I love this item, it's great for dom/sub scenarios. This is cock ring that fits around the penis and/or testicles and comes with a leash. You have a variety of options with this one, walk your partner around with it or wrap the remainder of the leash around his waist to keep his penis standing at attention. The following is a high quality cock ring with leash that you should get a lot of mileage out of. Beware: Link is not work safe, but the photo shows this item on a penis, so you'll know how to apply it.

Cock Rings

There are also cock rings without leashes available to add a bit of kinky look. They also function as way to delay ejaculation. A cock ring is applied to the base of the penis and/or around the testicles after a full erection is obtained. I recommend the Buckling Cock Ring w/ D-Ring (link NOT work safe) because it's a leather ring, which is comfortable to wear and uses a buckle to securely fasten the ring on the penis. There are enough holes in the ring to make it snug, but is also easy to remove quickly if you need to.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind:

Cock Rings are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials. Any ring that has to slip onto your penis needs lubricant to help get it on and off. There's nothing worse than this ring pulling the skin and hairs on your penis because you have no lube. There are also metal cock rings, I do not recommend these because there is no way to get this off if you need to. At least you can cut through the softer materials, but with metal, the only way to get it off is to lose your erection completely.