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Flogging Guidance

There can be such pleasure in pain which is why flogging, spanking or whipping can be such a great addition to sex and the best thing is, you're in full control of how light or how extreme the pain is. That's the biggest misunderstanding about flogging, the control that is had, even by the one being spanked. There's lots of toys out there, so I'd like to take some time to clear up the various tools that you can use to bring such painful pleasure to your partner.


Whips are fun and are among my favorite flogging toy to use. When struck with a whip, you feel a stinging sensation on your skin because of all the tips hitting the skin at the same time. The general rule of thumb is the heavier the leather, the stingier the feeling. Also, if the tips have a rounded edge look to them, they'll be less stingier than a whip that has tips cut at an angle. If the whip has any metal at the end, like this Thong Whip with Spiked Tails (NOT work safe), is meant to deliver quite a sting. A good quality leather whip that I would recommend is the 24" Leather Flogger Whip.

There are also whips that let you play with power, but no pain. These whips are perfect for beginners who want to play with the idea and sensation of being whipped without the concern of getting hurt or hurting your partner. My boyfriend and I started with these and worked our way up to real leather and sting. These whips are made of soft materials like cotton rope that has been frayed, bristles on a paintbrush, horse hair and rubber duster whips that sound worse then they actually are. Even Cat-O-Nine Tails can be fun. These are great because each blow delivers some sensual pleasure but there's no anxiety over pain. It's really just mind playing and many, many people go only that far. Most leather whips will deliver at least a light smacking sensation. So once you move into the leather category, you should proceed with caution. Just be smart and use common sense.


This toy is getting a littlem more serious about delivering pain. You've seen these in old time movies where the naughty child gets slaped with the paddle. Paddles can deliver a more concentrated impact because they're usually wide and flat. The material will have a lot to do with the amount of pain it can deliver. For instance, a wooden paddle is a hard material, so good smack with that, especially with holes in it, is probably going to leave a mark. A leather paddle will deliver a whack, but not as strong as the wood. The only way to really know what you like is to give it a try.

Some paddles are made with soft cushy material on one side for a playful cushy smack, but the other side is leather or wood for that more intense smack. This allows you to rotate between soft and hard smacks. I have the Bark & Bite Paddle, which makes it fun to switch from giving pain to providing pleasure.

You'll also notice that some paddles are round while others are long. In my experience, a round paddle delivers more of a thud, while a long paddle delivers more of a whack, especially if the material is flexible. You can obtain long paddles with words on them, so they'll be ingrained in your partner's skin after impact. You have to hit pretty hard to really see it though, so make sure your partner's okay with that.


Slappers are slim paddles made of 2 flaps of leather sewn together on one side. The slapper sounds a lot worse than it is because of the slaps smacking together, but be aware that if it's leather, it can still pack quite a punch. The Leather Slapper from our friends at is a classic example.

Riding Crops

Riding crops are made of fiberglass rods encased in leather with a small leather flap at one end. They're usually approximately 2 feet long. They're okay for beginners because they look more menacing then they are, as long as you only smack your partner with the leather flap. It can be a really fun toy. I have the Short Event Bat which is a classic crop and quite a pleasure to use.


Canes can be made from thin wood, nylon, fiberglass, bamboo and leather and really sting under any strike. This toy is more for advanced players. Since I don't enjoy such intense and neither does my partner, we have never used one of these. But for information purposes the following link does give some great cane examples. I can feel the pain just looking at them.

So there you have it, you have basic knowledge of the different types of flogging toys available to you. Which ones sound best for your desires? The learning doesn't end here though. It's important that you understand not just what these toys are, but how to use flogging toys. Go on and click through so your play is safe and fun.