Sex Toy 411

Bondage Tips - Rules of Flogging

I couldn't finish this section without providing tips on how to properly flog your partnter. I would say that this is the most important page in the bondage section. Whether using a toy or own hands when spanking your lover, there are some parts of the body you should never ever spank, no matter what tool you use.

Never ever strike:

Always Proceed With Caution

Start off striking lightly, then gradually make the strikes more intense. If you strike too strong too soon and too quickly, you will hurt your lover and halt your play.

Practice With Your Sex Toys

Work with your tool before using it on your lover so you don't accidentally hit a sensitive part of your lover's body. Especially whips, they are the easiest tool to get out of control. You and your partner can practice together. Strike him or her while fully clothed in a non-sexual setting, just to test them under the power of your strikes. This non-sexual situation allows the receiver to speak quite frankly without concern of ruining the mood of sex session.

Strike Then Rest

Always rest after spanking. Allow the sensation to register in your lover's mind and on his/her skin. Rub your lover's skin that has just been smacked with your hand or other soft object. Remember, this is a sensuous erotic event, not a beating.

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

I can't express this enough for any kind of S/M play. Make sure you find out what your lover's boundaries are. Does your lover want light tapping or does he/she want to feel a stinging sensation? Or maybe your lover doesn't want any pain at all and wants to just play with the idea of power and pretend pain. Any type of S/M play must be discussed so no one gets hurt, physically or emotionally.

Safe Words

Make sure you both have a "safe word," a word that would be absurd to say during play, that when said means all action is to stop. The reason why you have stopped can be explored later. But the important thing is that when this word is said, everything stops. If you're unable to speak have another signal that can clearly been seen or picked up on i.e. finger snapping, humming, toe tapping, etc.

Approval of All Sex Toys

Make sure the submissive/receiver consents to all the tools and toys you will be using. Remember Safe, Sane and Consensual. The best thing is to pick out the toys together, that way everyone approves.

Happy Flogging!