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Bondage Tips - Kinds of Restraint Sex Toys

Restaining your lover can be so incredibly erotic for your and your partner. Just think about it, your lover allowing you to tie him/her up, that trust that they have put in you...or that trust you have put in them. Just thinking about it is exciting. But as in all other sex toys, there's a lot out there. So I'm here to clear things up. Let's get to it...


Handcuffs are the classic and most popular form of restraint for novices because it's the first thing they think of and in some cases the cheapest, but they could also be the most dangerous. Most cheap handcuffs don't lock in place. This is bad because the levers can be accidentally moved and tightened up during play. If you must use these metal cuffs, make sure they have a tiny pin near the wrist chain which can be depressed with the end of the key to set it in place, like these from

A couple of safety tips:

Furry Cuffs

The friendlier looking of the handcuffs in my opinion. These are metal handcuffs covered in fur. The fur makes the cuffs a little more comfortable than the cold, hard metal of the metal ones. Furry Cuffs are available in a variety of colors and prints. Even though the fur adds some padding, it's important to follow all the same precautions as with the metal ones.

Nylon Cuffs

Nylon Cuffs like the Sports Cuffs are made of nylon webbing fabric that wrap around the wrists/ankles and fasten with a buckle or Velcro. These cuffs are highly recommended for beginners. They're very easy to get out of and they're wide and padded so they don't cinch around the wrist/ankles and cut off blood circulation. They are a little more expensive than the metal and furry cuffs, but they are still affordable and well worth it.

Leather Cuffs

Leather Cuffs have a sexy look and a very distintive smell that's arousing for many. Most fasten with buckles. Real leather cuffs are usually expensive, so if you're new to bondage, these cuffs should be your next step if you like it. Leather cuffs are also very wide too and they can be a little weighty. I have a pair of cuffs with a fur lining (NOT work safe), which are the most comfortable cuffs I've ever experienced. There are some less expensive leather-like cuffs, like the Grrl Toyz Plush Pink Wrist Cuffs that are made of a leather-like material and come with a faux fur lining.

Bondage Sheets

Bondage Sheets is a wonderful invention containing a mattress sheet and four nylon cuffs for wrists and ankles. The sheets and cuffs have square pieces of Velcro sewn to them so once you apply the cuffs onto your partner, you just Velcro them to the sheet. This is great for beginners too because the restrained partner can very easily break free if he/she wants to, by lifting his/her limbs. Since bondage is based on trust between/among lovers, the Bondage Sheets are perfect for new lovers to fool around with idea of bondage, since the restrained lover just has to lift a limb to free him/herself. There's no relying on their lover to set them free. Bondage sheets are easy to clean, just throw in the washing machine and fold up for storage. It can be adapted to fit any size bed from Queen to King.

Black Label Liberator Shapes

These wonderful sex cushions are now available in a style that's equipped with buckles to snap soft cuffs into. These cushions are an incredible edition to sex, please see my review of the regular Shapes for further information. And if you already own some of the shapes, they can be easily converted into Bondage Shapes.

Bondage Tape

This ingenious bondage tape adheres to itself only. It doesn't stick or pull on skin or hair. It's heavy duty, yet you can cut someone free with a simple pair of surgical scissors. It's available in a 65ft. roll. It's safe yet menacing looking. It's available with designs from Doc Johnson or in Standard Colors (NOT work safe).

Silk Binding Sash

If you're familiar with the smooth feel of silk sheets against your body, you'll have an understanding of what these ties feel like. The ultimate in smooth restraint that's also gorgeous to look at. You don't need to know how to do any kind of intricate binding with these. A simple bow is easy to get out of and looks beautiful.

From simple handcuffs to sex cushions to beautiful silk binding, the options for you are totally open. It may be a difficult decision, but think about what it is you'd like to look at or what you'd like to be restrained in. Are you looking for comfort? Beauty? Are you feeling something a little darker, a little more serious? Maybe you're on a budget, that will definitely limit your options. Whatever your taste, there's something out there to make tieing your partner down fun and exciting. Please make sure you see my Restraining Tips article so there's no chance of injuring your partner.