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Bondage Tips - Basic Scenarios of Bondage Sex Toys Play

When most people think of bondage they simply think of a person being tied up and beaten. There's more to it, many levels of bondage play. So I've put together some different scenarios that you and your lover can partake in that is would still be considered bondage play. Just so everyone understands the vocabulary, a Dom is the person in power and in control. The Sub is the bottom or the one that gives themselves to the dominant.

Restrain Only

I'd say this is the most popular form of bondage play. Most people have tied their partner up in one way or another and have sexually pleasured them. There's no spanking, whipping, paddling or flogging involved. Restraint without pain is a mild and very erotic form of bondage play.

Restrained and Teased

In some types of play, the Sub is restrained and teased with different types of stimulation and is unable to orgasm until the Dom allows it.  This can result in a very intense orgasm because the Sub is built up to such a point that once he/she is permitted to climax, it's absolutely explosive! You really have to have some knowledge of your partner's responses though, so you can easily detect when they're getting close to the edge, so you can stop all stimulation.

Uncomfortable Restraint

In another type of play, the Sub is restrained in an uncomfortable manner, meaning stress is put on the joints and muscles are stretched to the point of pain. Think of your partner lying spread eagle on the bed, but instead of being comfortable his/her legs are pulled out just a bit further than they're comfortable with. It feels like he/she is stretching the muscles. The Sub can then be teased and stimulated by the Dom. Or the Sub has to pleasure the Dom while in this discomfort i.e. Dom stands or kneels over Sub and Sub has to give oral sex. This type of play may end in orgasm for the Sub, but it doesn't have to. It's usually the release of endorphins, when the body is under such stress, that's the outcome which is desired. This type of play is for more experienced players.

Restrained Role Playing

There is still another type of play that includes a change of power with a little role playing. It's more dramatic and ritualistic, rather than stressful or painful. The Sub is restrained and ordered to please the Dom and is required to accomplish small tasks, like picking up a piece of paper off the floor. The Dom gets to watch the Sub bend over and struggle while all tied up and pick up the paper and give it to him/her.

Restrained Plus Sensory Deprivation

And still another type of play is to not only restrain the submissive, but deprive him/her of one of the five senses. The most popular sensory deprivation device for beginners is to use a blindfold. Not being able to see what your partner's going to do next, while being tied up can be extremely exciting and erotic.

No Restraint But Humiliation

This may involve the Sub wearing a collar and while naked being bossed around by the Dom and told to do things. The Sub may have to kneel on the floor and beg for pleasure from the Dom. The Sub may have to cook dinner and serve the Dom. There's no restraint involved but there is a power play involved and that's the important part.

No Restraint But Flogging

The Dom can also take control by telling the Sub what position to get into, i.e. to bend over the bed and put his/her arms out onto the bed, so that the Dom can spank, whip or flog the Sub. Again there's no restraint, but the power play and the spanking is there.

No Restraint Just Sensory Deprivation

Blindfolding your partner is a form of bondage/SM because you're depriving your lover of one of their five senses. You can blindfold your partner and tease them with toys and your body without restraining them. Even if you allow him/her to touch you, he/she is still deprived of a sense.

Role Playing

If you and your partner have taken on roles like naughty student and teacher, cop and naughty convict, with no bondage, no flogging and no sensory deprivation, you're still involved in a game of power play, so this applies a very mild form of Bondage/SM.