Sex Toy 411

Bondage Gear and Sensory Toys

Having one of your senses blocked can be a very erotic addition to sexual play. If you take one of your five senses away, all the other senses become more powerful and more sensitive, which is where the excitement comes in. The following is a list of different toys and different ways to block or control one of the five senses of your partner.


Blindfolds are my favorite form of sensory deprivation. It's been a popular way to restrict your lover from seeing you. Once you apply the blindfold, your lover's sense of touch will go through the roof! It also increases anticipation by your lover wondering what you'll do and where you'll touch him/her next. It forms a great bond of trust between two people. I have the Fleece Lined Blindfold and it's amazingly comfortable. The leather smells really good while the fleece is super soft against your face.


The only way to make touch go away is by not allowing your partner to touch you. You can do this by ordering him/her not to or by restraining them. You can also make them sensitive to the touch or apply things with extreme temperatures to it...

Nipples Pinched

If you like to have your nipples pinched or any other part of your body for that matter, then maybe you'd like to try nipple clamps. Most nipple clamps available can be safely used on other parts of the body. You should never attach any clamps that have sharp teeth or serrated edges. Most clamps are made of metal with vinyl tips and are attached with a chain. Alligator clips have broad flat pincers and tighten with a screw, just make sure the pincers are well padded.  Safety Note: Always let the wearer test the clamps on the area of skin between thumb and forefinger before applying them on the body. It's important to know how much the clamps bite before play time. Try not to leave the clamps on for more then 30 minutes at a time. When you apply them, wait until your lover is sufficiently aroused. Pinch his/her nipples first to make sure they're ready, then apply the clamps behind the tip of the nipple, instead of right on the tip.


You can't stop your lover from hearing completely, but you can control what he/she hears. This can be used to elicit relaxation or tension. Ear Muffs can muffle sounds. Headphones make it possible for your lover to hear certain types of music, sounds (nature cd's, people making love cd's, erotic story cd's, etc.) or just the sound of your voice.

Does one of these sound exciting? Most of the above scenarios, do not require a lot of preparation so you could get started today with a little bondage play. A good idea is for the two of you to experiment with sensory deprivation, meaning switch places. It's always good to know and to understand what the deprived partner is going through. It will help you to come up with some great ideas, what would you like done to you in any of these situations? If you're looking for more ideas for your kinky play, don't fret, How to Be a Dominant Diva will give you a great start with completely thought out ideas for a kinky night of play. Part of the reason many couples don't get involved in this kind of play is because they don't know what to do. Books like this take that concern away by giving you the ideas. Don't try to create, just do.