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Bondage Sex Toys Tips - Care & Cleaning

Our bondage sex toys bring us so much joy. The better we care for them, the longer they'll give us pleasure. The following are some techniques for you to keep your toys in tip top condition.

Cleaning Bondage Sex Toys

Most bondage sex toys can be cleaned with soap and warm water, although leather toys need additional cleansing and reconditioning so the leather doesn't get ruined. Using a mixture of 70% rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide will disinfect and kill bacteria on leather, that soap and water may not get to. Soak the parts that came into contact with bodily fluids and let stand and few minutes. Rinse and let air dry thoroughly. Then use a leather conditioner to revitalize your toy. All sex toys should be cleaned periodically even if they don't come into contact with bodily fluids. Even something as simple as blindfolds should be cleaned. Makeup and eye goop can get on it and that can be transferred to another person or infect the same person's eye if there's too much build up. Use common sense and keep your sex toys clean.

Sharing Bondage Sex Toys

If you're sharing your sex toys with a few people and it comes into contact with bodily fluids, make sure it is cleaned and disinfected before it comes into contact with a new person. If you plan to play with more then more one person, you should have separate toys for each person. That's the safest and label each toy to keep track of who's who. Remember, this is all part of being a responsible sexually active adult.

Penetration Bondage Sex Toys

If you plan to insert any part of the sex toy (handle of whip or paddle, etc.) into your partner's orifice, cover it with a condom.

Storage of Bondage Sex Toys

Keep each bondage sex toys stored separately. Don't keep whips and chains together. The heavy chains can pull on some fabrics and ruin them. I find it best to keep all leather items together, all nylon items together, all metal items together, etc. It may sound like a pain, but the better you treat and store your toys, the longer they'll last. I've also found that plasitic locking bags, like ziploc, are a great way to keep bondage toys from mixing and tangling together.

Many bondage toys are expensive so make sure you treat them well. Many bondage, especially leather items can last you a lifetime. So if you care for your toy, clean it properly and store it safely, you'll get a lot of mileage out it.