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Vibrators - Common Questions About

Vibrators are definitely getting more positive media attention these days, but people still have questions and concerns about them. If you're one of those people...Welcome! This section is definitely for you and chances are, the answer you seek is below.

When I use my vibrator I climax very quickly, but I'd like to enjoy it a little longer.

This can most definitely happen depending on the type of vibrator used and the person using it. It happens to me as well. Some women are more sensitive than others, just like some vibrators are stronger than others, especially electrical vibes, like the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Most women can't use it on the high setting. The feeling is so intense that orgasm is achieved almost immediately. I timed it once and I was able to reach orgasm in as little as 23 seconds! Many Multi-Purpose Vibes like the I-Vibe Rabbit Vibrator, have a whole lot going on at once.  Think of it like this, now you know you can give yourself a very satisfying quickie when you're in the mood.

Next time, what you might want to do is use the vibrator on less sensitive areas of your genitals. Instead of going right for the clit, move it around on your vaginal lips, mons, anus and nipples. Use it intermittently on your genitals. Move it around to other parts of your body too, that will give your brain time to register the sensations but not overload yourself so you climax right away. Over the years, I have found that holding my Hitachi Magic Wand against my taint area is extremely pleasurable. I last much longer and my orgasm feels more intense, more full bodied.

Another method to last longer is that you can try turning down the speed or intensity. Sometimes the highest setting is good for a quickie but not for those more laid back events. If the low setting is still too intense, try placing a small hand towel between your genitals and the vibrator. According to Betty Dodson, the Mother of Masturbation, the towel will absorb most of the vibrations, making them less intense before they reach your genitals.  This does work, I know from experience.  When using the Hitachi Magic Wand, I can climax in less than a minute.  It's a great quickie when I need it.

You can also stimulate yourself with your own hands or penetrate yourself with a dildo and use the vibrator at the end to finish yourself off.

While using a vibrator, sometimes I feel like I'm struggling to have an orgasm. 

There are a couple of reasons for this, but don't fret, you can achieve orgasm every time you use a vibrator.  If you're using a really strong vibe, your genitals might be getting a little numb.  I have experienced this myself too.  You're not losing your sensitivity forever, you're just getting a little numb for the moment. I would suggest that you put the vibe on it's lower setting or use the vibe on other areas of your genitals and body.

If that doesn't help, you should shut the vibrator off completely and spend a few sessions without the vibe, getting to know your body again. You're not sexually broken, but chances are you've become extremely accustomed to the vibrator. When you're not using it, you'll learn about other sensitive places on your body. Don't worry sensitivity will return, you just have retrain yourself to enjoy less intense forms of stimulation.

If you're using a weak battery vibrator, you may need more intense vibrations. Sometimes a battery vibe is just not in sync with your body's rhythms. I had this trouble one night myself. I was using a battery vibe and it was getting me so close to climaxing, but I just wasn't getting over the edge. I struggled for a while and just before I was ready to give up, I grabbed my Hitachi Magic Wand and my frustration was over. So you may need the intense vibes that a stronger vibrator provides.

Have a couple of different vibrators handy. Different days mean different moods and different moods may call for different types of pleasure. When you engage in sexual play with your lover, do you always do it the same exact way every time? I doubt it. That's why you need to have different vibes to choose from. If one isn't doing it for you that day, don't panic, don't get frustrated just grab another one.

I bought a Jack Rabbit Vibrator about 4 or 5 months ago. I  use it often, but now the penis part only swivels intermittently. Is there any warranty on this item?

Most novelty products, that's what they're called legally, have no real warranty. These toys are not made to last forever. And because it's a penetrative toy, you can not return them for health reasons. Usually there's a warranty on the brand-name massagers.  The Japanese made vibrators, like the Rabbit Pearl, tend to last a lot longer due to being a better quality vibrator.

A good way to learn about what vibrators people are having good experiences with and which ones they're not is too look for quality websites that have this sort of thing. There are different sex toy review sites like mine,, that give you the low down on the vibes. Just make sure that the reviewer is actually giving you information and not just rehashing the description.

Is it safe to use my vibrator with another woman?

Yes it is. The safest way to play with another woman is to put a condom on your vibe, especially if it's a penetrative one. Make sure you apply a new condom before a new person uses it. If your lover really likes that particular vibe, save the hassle and get her one of her own. Just make sure you label them so you can tell them apart. If you won't be sharing your vibe during the same play session, then make sure you clean it after you play. See my sex toy care article for the down low on that.

My vibrator is very loud. It sounds like the battery is rattling around inside and it's very annoying. Is there anything I can do to silence it?

Well, that's exactly what's happening. This usually happens with cheap, hard, plastic Slimline Vibes, like the Hot Pink Leopard Vibe, because they're made of hard plastic and there's no insulation to stop the battery from vibrating against the hard plastic casing. So here's what you can try...Wrap a few pieces of paper around the batteries to take up the extra space. It won't silence it completely, but it should get rid of that loud knocking sound.

I just bought a body massager and in the instructions it says do not use on genitals and on areas where I have pain, what's this about?

First of all, companies put the genital warning on their packaging to be politically correct, since it's still taboo to use for sexual pleasure. The pain warning is to avoid breaking a blood clot which could travel to the lungs or brain, causing serious damage or even death.

Do the cyberskin vibrators really feel like real skin?

Yes, they are the closest material to skin as we can get right now. Not only does it feel frighteningly real, it feels really good too! They're not easiest toys to clean though, please see my sex toy care article for full details.

These are the most common questions I get about vibrators. There is one more important one that's not answered to incorporate the vibrator into partner sex. Since that answer is not quite as simple to answer as the ones here, I dedicated an entire article to it. Feel free to visit How to Introduce my Sex Toy to my Lover.

If you have any other questions about vibrators, I invite you to visit and discuss your experiences and concerns with other members.