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Vibrators - Different Kinds

Okay, so you want to vibrate yourself into sexual ecstasy or you and your partner are ready to vibrate each other into sexual ecstasy, but now you have to choose a vibrator. And there's so many out there you don't know what they all are or what the difference is between them. So I present to you this guide explaining the possibilities.

Electrical/Plug In Vibrators

These are the body massagers that you see in the health and wellness section of most catalogs. Most are very strong and well made. They are usually used for external genital stimulation because the head is not large enough for penetration. Although, attachments are available for anal and vaginal penetration and some even have a cup like attachment for penile stimulation. This type of vibrator is a great first vibrating toy, they don't look like a sex toy and if you decide not to use it during sexual play, then it's still useful on other body parts too. But it's not that simple, there are several types of electrical vibrators. Let's explore:

Coil Vibrators

These resemble a hairdryer with the vibrating tip at a right angle to the handle, like the Wahl 7-in1. It's not run by a motor, but an electromagnetic coil, so it's almost completely silent. But beware, the coil may become hot during long periods of use. It usually comes with four to seven attachments: 1 knobby for clitoral stimulation, 1 long shaft for vaginal penetration, 1 long shaft with a shorter nub protruding from the bottom at an angle for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation or anal penetration and 1 that looks like a tulip to apply over the head of the penis. These vibrators are known to be faster, more intense and provide more tightly focused vibrations. Coil Vibrators are also the less weighty of the electrical vibes. 

Wand Vibrators

These vibes have a long handle with a head at one end of it and the electrical cord on the other end. Usually it has 2 speeds, high and low. Unlike a coil vibe, it has a motor so it makes a low humming sound. The large head allows for the vibrations to be more spread out. The high speed is usually really high, sometimes almost too intense! Even though they're big, they're not too bulky to use with a partner.

Attachments are also made for them, but have to be purchased separately. All attachments have a teacup like bottom so they can be attached to the ball-like head. The attachments fit really securely too. The attachments are basically the same as coil vibes. As far as anal penetration goes, you can pretty much use all the attachments because the teacup bottom will stop any attachment from being lost in the anal cavity (See Anal Toys for more detailed information).

The most sought after wand vibrator out there is the Hitachi Magic Wand. It's been dubbed as the "Cadillac of Vibrators," that's when Cadillac's were the hottest cars to have. I'd say now it's the Porche of Vibrators. Hitachi's reputation for the best vibrator still remains strong.  And it's my favorite too!  I've had my original Hitachi Magic Wand for over 6 years now. Recently, Adam & Eve has come out with a more affordable massager type vibrator called the Adam & Eve Magic Massager. I plan to have a massager bake-off in the future to compare the two.

Rechargeable Electric Vibrators

Lots of electrical vibes now come in rechargeable versions, like the The Ideal Massager. They offer similar power of the Hitachi Magic Wand, but now it's cordless and portable. So don't let the cord and nearby power outlet stop you from trying these divine vibrators.

The toy manufacturers are also becoming more stylish and fashionable with the rechargeable vibes they're desiging. Something like the Form 2, is very discreet, pretty to look at and offers a variety of vibrations with very little sound. I think we're going to see more and more of these types of vibes in coming years.


Made famous by Dr. Ruth, this looks similar to a Wand Vibrator with the long handle and head at the end, except the Eroscillator oscillates. The head moves from side to side instead of moving up and down like a vibrator. The oscillations are known to be gentler than vibrations. It comes with 3 or 4 attachments. Here's a little trivia for's the only massager that is outwardly advertised as a sexual product.

Battery Operated Vibrators

These consist of the smaller, most portable and most popularly known vibrators. It used to be that they were not as strong or intense as the electric vibes, but technology is giving some of them a fighting chance. They come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. There's definitely something for everyone.

I think they make a good first penetrative vibrator because they're much more affordable than electric vibes, as long as you choose a simpler model. Extra features will usually make it more expensive. Unlike electric vibes, some have a dual purpose: vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. Their life expectancy is not as long as the electrical vibes and they don't come with warranties like electrical vibes. Let's explore:

Slim Line Vibrators

These rocket resembling vibes are the most popular of all battery operated vibes. The hard plastic ones are the cheapest available. They come in a huge array of colors, prints, metallics and materials. They are sized from 4" to 8" long. The batteries slide into the plastic casing, so if it's just a plain ole, hard, plastic vibe, it can be rather noisy because the batteries vibrate against the hard plastic. However, if you get something made of a jelly, cyberskin, rubber, elastomer or phthalate-free material, that should muffle the sound a little more for you. Also keep in mind that these kinds of materials are more expensive to use, making the vibrator more expensive for you. So you can obtain a hard plastic slim line vibe for as little as $6.49 or a more luxurious vibe for $62.00 and up.

Phallic Vibrators

These vibes are made to resemble a penis. Some are just penis shaped and come in a wide array of colors and materials. While others are very clever in their appearance. Still others don't try to disguise anything at all, they look like an actual penis complete with skin coloring, veins and even testicles. Most are sized from 4 " to 7" long. 

G-Spot Vibrators

These vibrators can look like or resemble curved penises or curved slim line vibes. The curve at the end is intended to stimulate the g-spot when inserted. It works best when inserted with the curve facing up toward the stomach. These vibes are helpful during masturbatory play because for some, it seems impossible for women to stimulate her g-spot to orgasm by herself. These are also sized from 4" to 7" long. A newer vibrator to use for this is the new bendable vibrators that have a flexible spine so that you can bend the vibe in just the right spot to reach your g-spot. In this case, new technology is much gives you more control to personalize the vibrator just for you. Check out the Fun Factory Delight G-Spot

Multi-Purpose Vibrators

Over the years, these have also become much more popular. They look like phallic vibes with a nub protruding from the base at an angle. The purpose of these vibes is to vaginally penetrate while the nub stimulates the clitoris. There are separate controls for the long shaft and the nub. Some controls are at the base of the vibe, making it all one unit, like the I-Vibe Rabbit. And others have a separate control unit attached by a cord, like the popular Jack Rabbit. They all have various speeds and settings.

Some have a unique feature, the shaft is stuffed with little beads that twist and turn to stimulate the g-spot, our most popular being the Jack Rabbit. These offer the feeling of penetration and fullness in the vagina, g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation all at the same time. Lately, they've been getting real high tech by offering more than just vibrating. Now you can experience pulsating, escalating, surging and roller coaster ride! This is one of the hottest vibrators available to date.

As much as people have cheered for the invention of these multi stimulating vibes, just as many have regarded it as a good attempt, but not quite there yet. The major complaint is that the protruding nub does not reach the clitoris when the shaft is inserted all the way into the vagina. And some think it's too much going on at the same time, a good toy, but very overwhelming. 

Egg/Bullet Vibrators

These are the 2nd smallest & most versatile vibrators available in two styles. The egg vibes are egg shaped, made out of a variety of materials. There are also vibes that look like 1" to 3" long tablets called bullet vibes, also made out of a variety of materials. The cheaper eggs/bullets can cost you as little as $10.99, offering a surprisingly powerful vibrational experience, while the more technologically advanced in function and/or material can cost $65.00 or higher.

Egg/Bullet vibes are best when pressed up against the clitoris. Egg/Bullet vibes with an attached cord can be inserted into the vagina, however, I don't recommend pulling it out by the cord because you can easily break the cord.

Don't let their size fool you. They are very intense for being battery operated. The reviews for these vibes are also mixed. Some people like to pop them in and leave them inside all day, others find them to be rather annoying and still others say they feeling nothing.

Strap-On Vibrators

A bullet vibe encased in various jelly rubber holders (butterfly, heart) strap around a woman's waist and are designed to stimulate the clitoris. The harness is made out of thin leather or nylon straps. You step into them like you would a pair of underwear. The straps are usually adjustable so you can position it over the clitoris. A strap-on vibe provides hands free clitoral stimulation. All are attached to a small battery pack controller. It's wonderfully unobtrusive for intercourse. A male partner may find the subdued vibrations pleasurable as well. Some variations are great for masturbation because they not only offer clitoral vibrations but a small shaft to insert into your vagina as well, like the Hands-Free Micro Clitoral Tickler or one that offers anal penetration.

Waterproof Vibrators

For those that love to play in the tub, Jacuzzi, on the beach or anyplace that has water, the adult industry has heard your pleas and invented a vibrator that is water friendly. These water friendly vibrators come in an array of colors, styles and materials. The one concern in the beginning was that the heavy outer covering would subdue the vibes down to nothing, but that's just not true! These vibes are still really powerful. And now multi-purpose vibes are available in a waterproof version, I really enjoy the Waterproof Wabbit Vibe. It's the similar to the jack rabbit vibe, but water friendly!

Mini Massagers

Mini massagers, like the famous Pocket Rocket, are much smaller than the electric massagers and much more portable. They can easily and discreetly slip into a purse or even pocket to take anywhere. They do not look sexual and therefore can be bought almost anywhere. Don't let them fool you, just because they're tiny doesn't mean they lack power. Most are surprisingly powerful for clitoral stimulation. These are used for external genital stimulation only. These massagers have gotten so small that they measure a mere 3.25" long, like the Love Bullets. Some even look like shavers.

Remote Control Vibrators

If you love technological advancements, you'll love the remote control vibrators: Panties, Strap On Vibes and Eggs. These products are great for so many reasons. They've gotten rid of the cords that you have to try to hide while using the vibrator. Now you can just slip it in or on, throw the remote in a pocket or purse and activate whenever you're ready. They're also fun for a night out on the town with your lover. Surrender the remote control to him/her and let him/her buzz you when you least expect it. Talk about the ultimate tease and reminder of what's to come. The only complaint we've heard is that sometimes the vibe overheats if you activate it for long periods of time. So make sure you're in constant communication if you surrender the remote to someone else. 

So there you have it, most of the vibrators available for your every need and desire. Are you too overwhelmed? Don't worry my 4 Steps to Find the Perfect Vibrator will help you sort through your likes, needs and desires so you find the kind of vibe that's right for you. The only thing you'll have to do is pick out the one that looks the most appealing.

If you want, come on over to and see my other favorite vibrators.