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Dildos - Shopping For A Dildo

Picking out your first dildo doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be rather exciting and arousing. Whether you're experienced or a novice to dildo play, this guide will help you pick out a new dildo sex toy. The following are some questions to ask yourself to help you sort through your desires. To avoid confusion and misinformation, we will only be referring to dildos for vaginal penetration. Please see our Anal Toys section for tips on shopping for an anal dildo.

What size is good for you?

Length is usually a major concern in buying a dildo. Keep in mind though, that even if your dildo is a little on the long side, you can control how deeply you're penetrated. The size you should be concerned with is the girth. This is your toy, it's not a person's genitalia that you have to accept. You can pick out the girth that is most appealing to you. Something really thick can be uncomfortable, painful or totally divine. Something thin can be wonderful or totally unarousing. Here's a couple of methods to find a girth that's right for you.

Method 1 - Vegetables

Go to the supermarket and pick up a couple of different vegetables with different girths. For example: a fat cucumber can represent a thicker girth; a carrot can represent thinner girth and a zucchini can represent your in-between. Wash them good, apply a condom and lubrication for easy insertion. Play with all of them until you find one that feels the best. When you do, cut it in half and measure the distance across. That is the approximate girth that you want. Now you just have to find a material and style that appeals to you.

Method 2 - Past Make Shift Toys

If you have used something in the past to penetrate yourself with: i.e. fingers, penis, a toothbrush or hairbrush handle, get an approximate measurement of those. If those things weren't exactly what you'd like then use those measurements to find a thicker and/or thinner dildo.

What do you want your dildo to feel like?

If you want a smooth and firm dildo, try an acrylic, metal or glass dildo. Glass and metal hold body temperature well, acrylic tends to be a little colder and impersonal. None of them break down from lubes or vaginal secretions. They're very firm and don't provide any flexibility, but offer an extremely smooth material.

If you want something that feels like the real deal , then try a cyberskin dildo. This is as close as you can get to real skin. It's very flexible, like the real deal. Some silicone mixtures can also feel eerily lifelike.

If you want something that's smooth and has flexibility to it, then you want a silicone, rubber or jelly rubber dildo. They are easy to clean, but are porous, so make sure you use a cleaner and disinfectant. Using a condom will always make clean up a breeze.   We recommend the Classic Dildo or the Mr. Softee Hot Pink Dildo.

What appearance do you prefer?

Penis Looking

If you want as close to a real penis as you can get, then a cyberskin dildo is the way to go. Many rubber dildos are very realistic looking as well.  

Penis Shaped

If you don't want something that looks like it could fill in for the real thing, than look toward the Jellies and Silicone. Some are the exact shape of a penis, but have a very playful look to them, since they come in a wide array of colors. 

Totally Non Penis Looking

There are also many dildos available that don't look like penises at all. And they're just as fun too.  The most sought after non-penis looking dildos are the new glass dildos. Not only are they the smoothest dildo you can get, but they are the most pleasureable due to the weight of them that feels so awesome inside you. They are so beautiful that they look like pieces of art.