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Dildos - Different Kinds

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the adult toy industry has been able offer all the dildo lovers out there a variety to choose from. For the longest time, the only dildos available were ones that looked like real penises. But as you will see, they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You know what they say, different strokes for different folks. Anyway, here are the basics.

Penis Extenders

Commonly known as Prosthetic Penis Attachments (PPA's), these are hollowed out vinyl dildos with an elastic strap. If a man has difficulty keeping an erection or difficulty getting one at all, he just slips his penis into the dildo, attach the straps around his waist and he can continue to penetrate his partner. They don't hold up as well as the dildo and harness combination. Since it's a hollow shaft, a flaccid penis may not give it enough rigidity to pleasurably penetrate. Some elastic straps don't hold it around a man's waist very well either. 

Double Dildo

This is a dildo with a head on each end. They are sized from the smallest being 12" and go up to 18" long. The purpose of these is for two partners to penetrate each other at the same time. If the dildo has a plastic spine in it, it can be used for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration on one person. Just make sure it has a plastic spine. After a while of use a metal spine can poke through damaging fragile genital tissues. They are available in rubber, jelly and silicone and in all colors, even clear. The only problem some find with a double dildo with identical sides is that each side is the same girth, which may not be appealing to both partners. 

Strap On Dildos

This is basically a dildo that can be secured to a harness. The harnesses are available in a variety of styles but the basic ones resemble a jock strap or thong bikini. There is a long strap that fits around the hips or waist of the wearer that is attached to a larger triangular piece of material in the front. There is a hole in the front in the dildo will protrude from. There is also another strap or two that run between the wearer's legs and attach to the waist strap. Most harnesses are made of leather or nylon webbing and use a rubber ring to secure the dildo. I recommend my How to Purchase a Strap-On Dildo article for detailed information on this very important toy.

Realistic Looking

These are actually molded from a man's penis, many of male porn stars. Not only do they have the exact shaping of a penis, but they have the same coloring as well, with veins and some even have testicles with saggy skin. This is the closest style, you'll get to a real penis. 

Suction Dildo

This fun dildo has a suction cup attached to the bottom of the shaft. This is great for use in harnesses and in showers. You can suction the dildo to the edge of the bathtub or the shower wall and ride your way to ecstasy. It's great for hands free pleasure and all dildos are water friendly.  

Chin Dildo

This type of dildo, the Accommodator Dong, can also be considered a type of strap on dildo, but we have highlighted it on its own because it does not strap onto the wearer's waist. It straps onto the wearer's face between the mouth and chin. It protrudes from the wearer's chin to penetrate while giving oral sex to a woman.

Dildo Ball

This is great hand's free dildo play and it looks so fun. It's an inflatable ball with a dildo mounted on top. To use, just sit, squat, kneel or straddle the dildo with the ball between your legs. Because the ball is inflatable, you can easily ride up and down without worrying about hurting your genitals on a hard surface. The ball makes quite a squishy surface and you can get some serious bounce too.

So there you have it, a variety of dildos available for your every need and desire. Are you excited yet? The fun doesn't stop here, my Shopping for a Dildo section will help you sort through your likes, needs and desires so you find the dildo that's right for you. The only thing you'll have to do is pick out the one that looks the most appealing.