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Dildos - Misconceptions About

If a man wants his girlfriend to use a dildo on him that means he has homosexual tendencies.

Absolutely not. The man is engaging in a sexual activity in a heterosexual relationship. Being homosexual is not an activity, but a state of mind. Being homosexual is much more involved than just wanting to be penetrated. It's not the activity but the person you are and want to be involved in the activity with.

My boyfriend thinks that my using a dildo will replace him.

No toy can ever replace the loving touch and affection of another human being. A toy, especially a dildo, can enhance sexual play with your boyfriend. For some people, it's exciting to be able to get an up close and personal view of their lover being penetrated. When men are actually thrusting with their own penis, they may have a view, but not something that's as close as if they were thrusting with a dildo.

Dildos are for lesbians only.

This is a major fallacy of dildo use. Yes, some lesbians use dildos, but it's not because there's no man around. It's because they like the sensation of being fulfilled. A dildo offers a feeling of fulfillment unlike fingers or penises. No vaginas are alike and no vagina is the same all the time. Depending on what time of a woman's menstrual cycle, depends on how she would like to be penetrated or how fully she would like to be penetrated. Different sized dildos offer this convenience. Besides, there are so many non phallic looking dildos out there that lesbians are using, so that blows that theory out of the water alone.

Using a dildo is not normal.

Absolutely false! A dildo allows one to penetrate themselves in a variety of ways. Different times and different moods call for different types of play. A woman's vagina has different levels of elasticity during her menstrual cycle. Having a different sized dildos will give you a dildo for every occasion. A woman's vagina expands when she becomes excited, so a dildo will satisfy the craving for pressure and fullness that penetration provides. There's no rule that says only a body part can be used for penetration. Using a dildo allows you to express your sexuality, resulting in improved self esteem, resulting in being happy overall.