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Dildos - Why Use Them?

Using dildos or just the idea of using dildos goes back many centuries. The idea of them has been recorded in paintings and sculptures as far back as the fourth and fifth centuries. The Book of the Kama Sutra features early dildos made of wood, leather and stalks. These recordings show not only women but men using them as well. So this toy, like many others, applies to no specific gender. But why would anyone want to use them? They don't vibrate. They don't twist. They don't rock-n-roll. So, why bother using them? Well, the following will shine some light on the subject. 

Dildo As Place Holder

Some men have a difficult time keeping an erection and some women have very long fuses, meaning it takes her a long time to climax (there's absolutely nothing wrong with this). I actually fit in this category. As a result of this difference in fuses, sex can become a frustrating and unsatisfying experience. That's where dildos can be helpful. If the man climaxes early in the game, or even if the woman just takes a longer time than her lover, he can continue to penetrate her with the dildo. That way all sexual play doesn't stop. It gives him time to recharge his batteries and keeps her aroused. So when he's ready to come back into the game, she'll still be aroused enough to accept him.

Good Vaginal Therapy

Men who go through a sex change, find that a dildo is invaluable and is even prescribed by their doctors. The vagina that is created is not very elastic and needs to be worked. That's where the dildo comes into play, especially right after surgery. By inserting the dildo daily, the vagina will stay elastic and not close up.


Some people like the sensation of feeling fulfilled in their vagina or anus. Whenever a toy, penis, etc. penetrates the vagina or anus, the muscles contract around it. Many people find this tightening of the muscles to be extremely pleasurable.

Visual and Mental Stimulation

Your most erogenous zone is your mind. And as much as many feminists won't admit, the penis is a symbol of power, no matter how great or small, it's still associated with power. Penetrating your partner with a dildo can make a fantasy of power play reality.

Penetrating your partner with a dildo gives you a real up close and personal view of your lover's vagina or anus accepting the dildo. Some people find this to be extremely erotic, to see their lover pull in the dildo and push out as they get more excited. Men can't get this up close and personal view when he's penetrating his partner with his own penis.


When used alone, a dildo can help a person experiment with different forms of penetration without the anxiety of a lover being present. This is especially true with anal penetration. Maybe you want to try it, but are unsure if it's as pleasurable as you may think. Instead of diving in with your partner, using a dildo alone can give you the experience without worrying about embarrassment.

Oral Sex

As you're engaging in oral sex on your partner, why not use a dildo to penetrate her at the same time? Fingers and hands are very erotic, but using a dildo can also be very pleasurable for her and will ease fatigue and stress that the giver may experience after a while.

Safe Sex

Dildos can be a very good form of safe sex. As long as your dildo is wearing a condom, you'll never have to worry about infecting yourself with dangerous bacteria and you can share your toy with a partner. Just change the condom before your partner uses it.

A Sure Thing

A dildo will never turn you down or tire out. You can use it whenever you want for as long as you want. The only downer is it doesn't cuddle after, but then again, it can't complain either!

So are you convinced yet? 

No? That's okay, lots of people have been conditioned into believing that sex toys of any type are bad or abnormal. So don't' give up! Keep reading, there's still a lot more information for you to absorb and digest before making a final decision. Even if you're ready to go shopping, keep reading there's lots of information within this site that can make your dildo play more pleasurable, because adult toys don't come with instructions.