Sex Toy 411

Sex Toys - Care and Cleaning

Our sex toys bring us so much joy. The better we care for them, the longer they'll give us pleasure. The following are some techniques to keep your toys in tip top condition.

Sanitary Use

Putting a condom on your sex toy will keep it the cleanest and most sanitary. Using a condom allows you to share your sex toy with others. Just apply a new condom before a new person uses it. Especially, jelly or porous toys, even when using by yourself, a condom will ensure that you won't introduce dangerous bacteria into your vagina and will also keep you from reinfecting yourself with any vaginal infection you might have experienced. I can't say this enough, never use the same toy from anus to vagina without applying a new condom. There is bacteria in the anus that can cause some major infections once they get into the vagina, which is why you wipe from front to back when you urinate or defecate. If you can't afford to have separate toys, then make sure you use condoms with your porous ones.

How Can I Tell if my Sex Toy is Made of a Porous Material

Most websites should tell you, if that info is not available, either shop someplace else or contact customer service. That information should be easily provided for you. Okay, here's the low down on toy materials.

After Cleaning

After cleaning your toy, whatever way you do it, always leave the toy out to air dry. Don't immediately put it away. Bacteria and viruses can not live on dry surfaces. 


When you store your sex toy, make sure you keep it someplace where it won't collect a lot of dust, lint or animal hair. Every little particle in the air will stick to a some materials, especially jelly rubber, vinyl, cyberskin and silicone. My secret that's worked for many years is to wrap each toy in a clean, lint free handkerchief and store in a draw, toy bag, secret toy pillow or toy box. Also keep all vaginal and anal toys separated when you store them as well. Even though everything is clean, you can never be too careful.

Safety Check

Check all plastic toys for rough, sharp edges. If you find any, first try to exchange, return the toy. If that doesn't work, try gently filing the edge with a nail file to smooth it out. If that doesn't help, don't use the toy. Although I'm attempting to recommend quality toys that won't break or crack if dropped, make sure you check for cracks. If you find cracks, contact the retailer or manufacturer...bottom line, do not use toy. Basically, if any toy made of hard material has any cracks or rough edges on them, don't use.

The Moral of the Story

As long as you clean your sex toys properly, store them safely and apply common sense when using them, you will get the most out of them and get the maximum amount of time from them.