Sex Toy 411

Sex Toys - What Materials Are they Made Out Of?

Just like there's a different kinds of sex toys available, there's also different types of materials to choose from. So I've put together this brief guide to give you the low down on sex toy materials.


Rubber is the most widely used material for adult toys and has been for a long time because it's very inexpensive to buy and use. It's available in a variety of colors. It's usually firm.


Jelly dildos are very popular. It is very pliable and a little squishy, but still somewhat firm. It's very appealing to the eye, very playful looking, giving the toy an almost translucent and/or carbonated appearance. Some are available in fruity scents. So if you like the jellies, but don't like the scent of rubber, these may be more refreshing for you. Jelly dildos are available in every color of the rainbow, even clear. They feel rather real upon penetration and warm up to body temperature rather quickly.


Cyberskin is a newer technological advancement for sex toy materials. This is the absolute closest you can get to real skin, without it actually breathing. It's very soft, smooth, squishy and totally flexible.


Silicone is a more expensive material to make toys out of and that expense is passed on to the consumer. They're really very smooth, having a velvety feel. What makes them so appealing is they they retain heat well and warm up to body temperature quickly. Silicone sex toys are available in an array of colors.


Leather toys are made out of leather by hand. Most BDSM/Bondage toys are made of leather although you can also get leather cock rings. Occasionally you may find a leather dildo if you look really hard. Depending on the kind of leather, this toy can be smooth or a little on the rougher side.


Most acrylic toys are sculptures of art, looking like raindrops, an ice princess or an icicle. These lovely sculptures are perfect for those looking for something more discreet because they're so pretty, non-phallic and non-sexual looking. They're also smooth for penetration. Acrylic is a solid materical making it very hard and unbendable. It can be rather cold and doesn't warm up to body temperature very quickly. But they are so beautiful, even if you don't want to use them sexually, you have to have one as a collectible.


The newest material to hit the adult toy market and women can't get enough of them. Not only is glass the smoothest material available, but it's absolutely gorgeous! A true work of art. These toys are usually all hand-blown, which is why they're usually rather expensive. And don't worry, they won't break. Actually, they should last you lifetime! Some people cringe when you mention glass, but they are very strong. For research purposes, I've banged two of these glass toys together pretty hard and they never even chipped. So as long as you're buying from a reputable company, there's no worries there. A wonderful new option for women, especially those that are nervous about getting a sex toy. Even the ones that are penis shaped, still look like a work of art...Just beautiful!