Sex Toy 411

Vibrators - Tips On Using

This section is designed to give you some information for successful vibrator use because they don't come with instructions. Remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to using a vibrator. Just do what feels good. If you don't even know where to begin, then start here. You will notice that this section is written for solo play, that is the best way to learn about yourself and vibrator play. But if you would like to experiment with your partner, this article can be applied to you as well.

Experimenting With Your Vibrator Alone

Time To Play

This is not something you can rush into so make sure you set aside a few hours or a whole evening, afternoon or even morning. Don't do this if you have to meet someone in an hour. Experienced vibrator users know what they like and can pleasure themselves quickly. They even like quickies, but for the first few pleasure sessions, you need the time to explore your body to find out what you like. And keep in mind that different moods may call for different types of stimulation, which is why it's good to own more then one vibe. I have at least ten myself.

Relaxed And In The Mood To Play

Try taking a nice warm bubble bath, set a warm comfortable atmosphere in the room that you'd like to do this in; light candles, play relaxing music. If the bathroom is the only place, then make sure you have a waterproof vibe so you can play in the tub. Read a dirty book, one of my favorites is Naughty Stories from A to Z, watch a dirty movie or just kick back and visualize yourself in your favorite fantasy.

Once You Start To Play

Explore all the different parts of your genitalial. Make sure you have a bottle of lubrication available and apply a generous amount to your genitals, toys, hands, fingers or whatever you'll be inserting or rubbing against your body. It causes less friction when any vibe is touching the genitals and it's absolutely necessary when penetrating vagina and anus.

For Women

Touch your clit with it, apply more pressure if you'd like. Rub it between your vaginal lips. Press it against your perineum (taint), the small area between your vagina and anus (I LOVE this!). Try holding it against your anus. If it's a penetrative vibe, insert it into your vagina. Wiggle it around in there, explore your vagina. Try different depths of penetration. Hold it just at the opening of the vagina. If there's a larger head at the tip of the vibrator, try very shallow penetrations with just the tip. If you have a g-spot vibe, experiment with twisting it around in your vagina to hit all the different spots.

For Men

Try running it down the shaft of your penis. Hold it against and between your testicles. Hold it up to your anus and press it against your perineum (taint). That will externally stimulate your prostate. If you have a cock ring, experiment with the different speeds. Stroke your penis and squeeze your testicles. If you normally masturbate, do it the way you usually do and see if the vibrations enhance it at all. If you're using a vibrating sleeve, make sure you use a good amount of lube so you don't rub yourself raw from thrusting in and out.

Try Different Positions

Lay on your back and hold the vibrator on your genitals or penetrate yourself while your on your back. Lay on the vibe, straddle the vibe. Put the vibe on your genitals and squeeze your thighs and butt cheeks together, then release. This causes quite an erotic buildup. Some women use this method to climax. It could be very powerful. You can lay still just holding it against your clit or you can move your hips sort of riding it.

You Don't Have To Use On Your Genitals Only

You can move the vibrator around to other parts of your body. Relax and breathe deeply. Concentrate on what you're feeling. The genitals aren't the only erogenous zones. This is also good to do, if you don't want to climax right away.

Use Other Methods For Stimulation At The Same Time

Use your hands, fingers or other toys to stimulate yourself. If you have an external vibe on your clit penetrate your vagina with your fingers. Rub your anus, stroke your penis, squeeze your nipples, rub your vaginal lips, squeeze your testicles. It's very enhancing to incorporate other forms of stimulation with a vibrator and it's a great way to get to know your sexual likes and dislikes.

Remember, it's your body, you're in charge and experiment. It's not brain surgery, it's fun sexual play. Sometimes just moving your position or vibrator slightly, you'll find something that really feels good and gets you off. There's no right or wrong, there's just safe, sane and consensual and those take common sense and we all have that. Have fun!