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Vibrator - Accessories

The following can spice up your already way cool vibrator. These items aren't necessary, but hey, we women tend to accessorize everything else we use, why not our sex toys?

Vibrator Sleeves

If you have a slimline vibe, you can spice it up with vibrator sleeves. They're made of many different materials and come with a variety of textures: ribbed, with nubs, with prickles, with anal attachments, phallic and phallic with testicles. Sleeves make your vibrator more versatile, providing you with different sensations. They are a less expensive way to try different types of stimulation.


If you have a short slimline vibe and would like to make it longer, these sleeves will help. They are also made out of many materials: jelly, cyberskin, silicone and technoskin.


Lubrication is a necessity more than it is an accessory, especially when your vibe is a penetrative vibrator. As long as you use a water based or silicone based lube, you'll be okay (See my article on personal lubricants). Oil based lubes will eat away at latex and some silicone products. So if you're using a condom or latex toy, it will be ruined. Silicone lube will also destroy silicone toys.

Lube is vital for all penetrative vibes. The easier it can slide in and out, the more pleasure you will receive. The jelly and cyberskin vibes and most cock rings absolutely need lube! If you're using your vibrator in conjunction with oral sex, you might want to try a flavored lube.  Regular lube, just doesn't taste good. Wet makes a flavored lube that tastes rather yummy!