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History of The Electric Vibrator

Vibrators are not a new invention. They've been around for a long time. I couldn't put together this site without including this information to honor the history of such a wonderful toy. So let's get to it...

The use of vibrators dates as far back as the 1800's, but we need to go even further back before they were invented. In the 1600's, women suffered from a condition called hysteria. Symptoms included irritability, anxiety and irrationality. Sounds like a bad case of PMS, doesn't it? Anyway, all these symptoms were relieved, not cured, but relieved by a simple visit to the doctor. Treatment consisted of the doctor penetrating the vagina with the finger of one hand and massaging the genitals with the other hand until the woman reached an orgasm, to relieve the tension. But back then it wasn't called that, it was called a hysterical paroxysm (sounds real medical, not sexual right? So it must be okay!). This was a terrible infliction that women suffered and because this kind of treatment (stimulation as I'd like to refer to it as) was done in a doctor's office behind closed doors, it was rather acceptable. Although I wonder if women sat around discussing their doctor's technique.

In the 1800's water massage therapy was introduced because the doctor's needed an alternative method that would alleviate their hands from becoming fatigued and stressed. This therapy was quite popular and was requested even when it wasn't necessary, so a new method had to be devised. The doctors didn't want their patients overdosing on therapy. (What a shame!)

So in the late 1800's the first vibrator was introduced to the medical world. This steam powered massager made therapy sessions fast and efficient for doctors. It alleviated their hands from fatigue and stress and allowed for a quick turnaround of patients, resulting in more money for the doctors. So articles and essays in periodicals and textbooks started appearing, just raving about the vibrator's benefits.

Thank goodness for the entrepreneurs out there, the portable vibrator was developed. It was advertised in magazines as helping women feel healthy, revitalized and refreshed. (I tend to feel that way too after I have an orgasm, how about you?) Unfortunately, this was the beginning of the end for acceptable vibrator use. Women were easily able to relieve their symptoms themselves, causing doctors to look to other treatments such as psycho-therapy, in order to make money. Since it was no secret what these appliances were used for, porn filmmakers decided to cash in on this newly found form of sexual pleasure in their movies. So not only are doctors not making money off this treatment, but by showing up in porn films, it's no longer politically correct to do. Porn made it trashy because women were not seen as sexual beings back then.

So since the 1920's, massagers have not been outright advertised in the same manner. In fact, only recently have massagers been advertised so heavily. I believe it's the fitness rage and the fact that everyone is so stressed in today's world, that vibrating massagers are more easily attainable.

It really is a shame that vibrators have been so repressed and frowned upon. Sexual play is about mutually consenting adults having fun. There's nothing politically incorrect about pleasure, just as long as it's arrived at safely, sanely and consensually. This is why I've put together this site, to educate adults about the different possibilities that are out there.