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Vibrators - Shopping Tips

Picking out your first vibrator can be a blast! Looking through all the shiny, colorful and pretty toys. For me, it's a matter of saving my bank account and eliminating things I shouldn't be buying...and that's what I want the shopping experience to be for you. I want you to be excited about buying your first vibrator...or new vibrator. So here's some questions to ask yourself.

What is the main area you want to stimulate?


Many women feel it's impossible to stimulate her g-spot by herself to orgasm. A vibrator can help here. If you want to stimulate your g-spot, you need a penetrative vibrator with a curved tip designed to reach the g-spot like the Silicone Slims G-Spot.


Some women simply enjoy the feeling of being penetrated and having the feeling of fullness in their vagina.   Something like the Penthouse Duets - Rhapsody II is a great first vibrator because it won't break your wallet and allows you to play with external clitoral stimulation by holding it against your clit and internal vibrators by sliding it into your vagina as well as providing a sleeve so you can also play with thickness for penetration.

Clitoral Stimulation

Some women can only achieve orgasm from clitoral stimulation (I'm one of those women. If youare too welcome to the group!). Electric vibrators like the Hitachi Magic Wand provide very intense vibrations with multiple speeds.  The Hitachi Magic Wand is also rather quiet making a low humming sound.  Another nice feature is it doesn't vibrate your hand off after long periods of use like some other vibes. Various attachments are available so can turn your external electric vibe into a wonderfully powerful penetrative toy. 

Egg Vibes like the I-Vibe Egg allows you to choose from very intense vibrating, pulsating, surging, escalating and roller coaster sensations, all in one little bullet vibe.  This is a wonderful advancement in technology because it allows you to select what type of vibrations you want.  If you don't want constant vibrations, than choose the pulsating feature, where it  vibrates intermittently, giving you time to enjoy the vibrations without too much all at once. For something a little simpler, the Jelly Egg, it packs a lot of punch for a mini vibe. 

Maybe you want hands free clitoral stimulation, like the Micro Butterfly which straps around your waist, leaving your vagina totally accessible and providing very strong vibrations to your clitoris.  This vibe has become very popular with women and men, because it's really tiny, really powerful and the new harness design leaves your vagina totally accessible making this strap-on vibe totally unobtrusive during intercourse. 

Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation

The most popular toys out there are the Multi-Purpose Vibrators, like the famous Jack Rabbit Vibrator as seen on HBO's "Sex and the City".  These vibes have cleverly combined the vaginal and clitoral stimulator into one unit, so while you're experiencing that pleasurable feeling of fullness, you're also experiencing intense clitoral stimulation at the same time. They are the least amount of work as far as juggling toys for the greatest amount of pleasure. Some women say it's pleasure overload! 

Multi-Purpose vibes with pearls in the shaft are packed together in the shaft, so that when they spin they provide constant pressure around the vaginal opening. This is exquisitely pleasurable because the more aroused a woman becomes the looser her vagina gets.  With the pearls in the shaft spinning they are providing constant pressure type stimulation around the vaginal opening.  These vibes are definitely way above the rest!

Do you want strong vibrations or more subdued vibrations?

Most vibrators have an intensity control on them for you to adjust to your liking. But generally electric vibes, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, deliver the most intense vibrations because it's powered by 120 volts of electricity. The rechargeable also deliver a lot of intensity, but keep in mind, they will lose steam after prolonged use and will need to be recharged.

Strong vibes, whether battery or electrical, can deliver such intense vibes that some women are unable to use them directly on their clit, it's just too powerful. But don't fret, if the vibrations from any vibe are too intense, according to Betty Dodson, the Mother of Masturbation, they can be subdued by placing a small towel or washcloth between you and the vibe. Thanks Betty! 

Do you want to take your vibrator on the road with you?

Battery operated vibes are the most portable vibes available. Small Discreet Battery Vibes like the Twisted Hearts are rather quiet, portable and provide discreet clitoral stimulation. But if you must have the power from an Electrical Vibe, then you'll want to try a rechargeable version, but you'll need a large bag to take it along.

Are you concerned about your neighbors hearing your vibrator?

An electrical vibe, like the Hitachi Magic Wand tends to be the quietest during operation, making a low humming sound. As long as the battery vibe isn't made of hard plastic, they're usually pretty quiet too. If a vibe is powered by a Japanese motor, it tends to be very intense and very quiet. I have also found that vibes molded in the thicker material are quieter too, so there's not a loud banging of the motor or batteries.

Are you concerned about people accidentally seeing your vibrator?

What you have planned for later in your day or on your trip is your own private business. So if you're taking your vibe with you, a very discreet vibe would be the Hanky Pankey Kit. It doesn't look sexual in any way, but still packs quite a punch. If you want to be really discreet and clever, there's a new vibe available. If you want the ultimate in discreetness, the Flashlight Style Vibe is the way to go!

Do you want to play in the water?

Most vibes, unless they specifically say they're waterproof are in no way water friendly. You're talking electrical shock, motor shortening or burning out, battery pack corrosion and all kinds of nasty things that will make your vibe unusable. But the adult manufacturing industry has heard your pleas and offer a variety of water toys.  Now you can really take your vibe anywhere!

Are you unable to decide and want to try a few things at once?

All this information is very overwhelming and you just can't make a decision. Don't fret, there's help for you. You can visit sex toy review sites that give you the low down on specific toys. My site has a large selection of sex toy reviews that gets updated regularly, along with Freddy and Eddy. Whatever review sites you visit, just make sure they give you details and not just rehash the product description.You're not alone in your search. But also realize that it's basically trial and error. I became so knowledgeable about toys because I've used so many over the years. I have a box full of toys that I don't use anymore because they were duds or just didn't suit my desires. Unfortunately, not every toy purchase will be a winner, but the more research you do, the better chance you'll have of buying something that you'll like.

Is there something that I can use with my boyfriend that he'll enjoy too?

If your boyfriend likes to see you getting off, any of these vibes will do. Some guys like to see their woman penetrated or like to penetrate them with a toy, it allows them to get that up close and personal view that they can't get when he is penetrating you himself. There is also a toy out there that both man and woman can get pleasure from simultaneously. The Diving Dolphin is a couple's intercourse toy that my boyfriend and I enjoy and have for years. It's a jelly cock ring with 2 bullet vibes attached to it. The cock ring acts as an erection enhancer and prolongs erection for the guy and the bullets, 1 on top and 1on bottom, deliver pleasant vibrations to the testicles and the clitoris. It's powered by a corded battery pack with two separate controls for each bullet vibe, so each partner can get the pleasurable amount of vibrations they desire.

You've received a lot of information here. I hope you're ready to look further into your possibilities. Remember, there's lots of resources available to you and you don't have to decide right now. Even the cheapest and simplest of vibrators will bring you additional excitement. So go for it...don't break the bank, just get started.