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are my absolute favorite sex toys, hands down! They are electrical or battery powered devices that vibrate providing sexual pleasure. The secret to vibrators success is that they increase the blood flow and energy to whatever part of the body they are put up against.  They are wonderfully versatile, used on the internal or external genitalia. The most popular fallacy about vibrating toys is that they are for women only.

Men can also enjoy vibrations on there genitals. It really is a shame that adult toys have been so repressed and frowned upon. Sexual play is about mutually consenting adults having fun. There's nothing politically incorrect about pleasure, just as long as it's arrived at safely, sanely and consensually.

This is why I provided this section, to educate adults about the different possibilities that are out there.

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Vibrators Styles There are so many out there you don't know what they all are or what the difference is between them. So we present to you this guide explaining the possibilities.

Choosing the right one to help those who have never used a vibrator before, find one that's right for them. So here's some questions to ask yourself to help you sort through all this info.

Common Questions This section has been designed as a quick and easy reference section.If you have a question, problem or concern chances are the answer is right here.

Why Use a Vibrator They range in price from really cheap to rather pricey, but whichever one you choose to use will be a pleasurable addition. A vibrator has a reputation of being a woman's only toy, but that doesn't mean that men can't use it on a woman or with a woman. And you know what? Some men also find vibrators pleasurable for their own use. Let's explore:

How to Use a Vibrator This section is designed to give you some information for successful vibrator use. If you don't even know where to begin, then start here.

History The use of vibrators dates as far back as the 1800's, but we need to go even further back before they were invented. In the 1600's, women suffered from a condition called hysteria. Symptoms included irritability, anxiety and irrationality. Sounds like a bad case of PMS, doesn't it?

Misconceptions Break through all the urban myths surrounding healthy use of sexual aids and toys

Vibe Accessories enhance your enjoyement of your new adult toy with sleeves, cleansers, attachments and more.

Vibrators for Men The most popular fallacy about vibrators is that they are for women only. That's not true.