Sex Toy 411

Vibrators For Men

The most popular misconception about vibrating toys is that they are for women only. That's simply not true. Men can also enjoy vibrations on his genitals. The following are vibrating toys made for male pleasure. Some can be used alone or with a partner.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Some men find cock rings to be an invaluable tool when having sex. The cock ring fits snugly around the base of the penis and scrotum restricting blood flow out of the penis. This results in a stronger and longer lasting erection. It also results in a more intense orgasm for men.

Since vibrations can enhance masturbation or intercourse it's no wonder that they combined the cock ring and the vibrator. Available in a variety of materials, they come with a bullet vibe attached at one or both ends. A cock ring with 1 bullet vibe, like the Crave Vibrating Ring, on the underside can deliver stimulating vibrations to the testicles. Some men find this very arousing.

This kind of combination cock ring/vibrator(s), like the Diving Dolphin, also enhances intercourse with a female partner. You'll get the benefits of a prolonged erection and intense orgasm while she benefits from the vibrations against her clitoris. To receive constant vibrations to the clit, the woman on top position is best because she can bump and grind against you getting the vibrations she needs. Man on Top position generally provides intermittant vibrations. She feels them only when you thrust in. But moving around just a little can change any position enough for your woman to get the vibrations she desires.

Vibrating Sleeves/Pocket Pussies/Masturbators

These sleeves, made of vinyl, jelly, cyberskin, technoskin, latex and many other materials, have been developed to enhance masturbation. The penis slides in and out of the sleeve, simulating penetration of a vagina, anus or mouth. They come in a variety of colors, styles and some even have fruity scents. Some look like a tube, others like lips, vagina, anus and some are nondescript with a bullet that slides into one end. A man can either thrust in and out of it or just slide his penis in and let the vibrations do the rest. The key to its pleasure is that the canal is lined with ribs and as your penis slides in and out the ribs create a sucking sensation, so make sure it has ribs in it like the Adam & Eve 5X Solo Slider. These wonderful jelly toys are also available in a non vibrating version and are extremely pleasurable as well. I recommend the Adam & Eve 2-Tone P*ssy. It has the all important ribs/ridges to create that oh so heavenly suction.

Vibrating Pumps

Men can also experience the combination of vibrators and pumps. Pumps create a pleasurable sucking sensation for men that help to pull blood into the penis, engorging it and making it temporarily thicker. You can get a pump with a bullet vibe, like the Power Pump, to enhance the the sensations. Usually the bullet vibe is a separate addition that you add if you want, they're not always a permanent, necessary part of the unit. Some pumps like the Cyber Cyclone Pump, come with separate jelly, vinyl or cyberskin sleeves that you can slide into the pump for additional penetration or oral simulation.

Vibrating Vaginas, Anuses and Lips

Made out of various materials and usually molded form a woman's genitals, these products give you the best part of the person without the whole body. The vibrating bullet can be located in the center of the Vagina or Anus to bring some life and suction to the genitalia. It can also be located at the opposite end of the toy that you penetrate. Now, you can have sex with Marey Carey, Kirsten Price, and Jessica Drake.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

This has to be one of the greatest toys for men and women. The anus and rectum have so many sensitive nerve endings that adding a vibrating butt plug can be an orgasmic addition to sex and masturbation. Not only will the vibrations be arousing, but a butt plug also stimulates the prostate. This is basically a butt plug with a bullet vibe in it. The vibe can be cordless with no separate controller, like the Tantus Zing, or come with cord and separate controller, like the Rump Shakers. If it has a separate controller, you'll have more control over the intensity of vibrations. For more information about butt plugs and anal toys please see the anal toys section.

Love Machine

This ingenious toy is making hands free masturbation more affordable. This small unit comes with 5 different attachments, including a masturbation sleeve that provides hand-free stimulation. It's still quite expensive at $521.00, but new developments in technology will soon make them even more affordable.

So as you can see, vibrators are not just for the ladies. Guys can receive just as much pleasure from them, if not more.