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Vibrators - Why Use One?

Vibrators are my favorite of all the sex toys! They're available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and materials. You can have a different one for different days and different moods...I know I do. They range in price from really cheap to rather pricey, so whether you've got the bucks to spend or not, there's a still a vibe out there that you can get pleasure from. A vibrator has a reputation of being a woman's only toy, but that doesn't mean that men can't use it on a woman or with a woman. And you know what? Some men also find vibrators pleasurable for their own use. Let's explore:


Clitoral Stimulation

A vibrator is a great toy to use for clitoral stimulation. Some women can't achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation (I'm one of those women) and most positions for vaginal intercourse do not provide adequate stimulation to the clitoris. Vibrators provide that constant, consistent stimulation that a hand or tongue may not be able to provide after long periods of time. Vibrators are known to bring about the most intense orgasms. Some women, depending on the type of vibrator used and the sensitivity of the woman, can bring a woman to orgasm in 60 seconds or less. That does happen to me. Talk about a quickie!

Vaginal Stimulation

A vibrator isn't only pleasurable on the clit. Feel free to move it around the entire vulva, taint and anus. Over the years, I have found that some days, direct clitoral stimulation is too much to handle. However, if I move the vibe down over my vaginal lips or even on my taint, I'm brought to a very strong orgasm. Our entire gental area is super sensitive to those luxurious vibrations. So don't hesitate to explore and move that vibe around a little.

A Lover's Place Holder

Some women also have long fuses, by this I mean that some women really need a lot of stimulation, for a long period of time before they can achieve orgasm. A vibrator is great because even after her partner climaxes and may need a period of rest, (don't worry it's okay to say you can't continue right away) the vibrator can keep going and keep stimulating her until her lover is ready to come back into the game or until she climaxes herself.  There are many nights that my boyfriend climaxes first and I know he can't continue thrusting immediately, it's just not possible, many men need to recharge, and that's fine. In that case, we just grab a vibrator and he uses it one me. This keeps me stimulated while he recharges or brings me orgasm, finishing off our sexual play.  It's actually heaven sent for some men. They don't have to worry about keeping an erection or ejaculating prematurely, just grab the vibe and continue the play.

Multiple O' Generator

Vibrator use has also helped some women achieve multiple orgasms. Women have been known to be able to have different orgasms from different types of stimulation and each one gives off a different sensation. While all orgasms originate in the clit, an oragasm from vaginal penetration/stimlation feels different from an orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation and an orgasm from anal stimulation. So when Betty Dodson, the Mother of Masturbation, says, "No two orgasms are alike," she's absolutely right. So if you have an orgasm from direct clitoral vibrations, then maybe you'll want to move the vibe down to your vagina and penetrate yourself with it...if it's a penetrative vibe. Your clit may be too sensitive for more direct stimulation but that doesn't mean that you have to be finished with sex. Some women also need more intense stimulation after their first orgasm and a vibrator can provide that intense pleasure to bring her over the edge again.

Stimulation For Different Times In Life

Some pregnant women find that a vibrator is great for sexual stimulation later on in their pregnancy. Just because they're pregnant, doesn't mean they don't want to be sexually pleasured. It has also been used to relieve pain, tension and soreness.

As some women get older they experience a decrease in sensitivity in their genitals. Although this is a natural fact of life, it doesn't have to stop a woman from experiencing sexual pleasure. A vibrator can provide that more intense stimulation to bring an older woman to orgasm.


Vibration Pleasures

Vibrators can also help men achieve orgasm when held against their testicles or pressed up against their perineum. By applying vibrations to the perineum, you will be externally stimulating the prostate, which many men find pleasurable and even more men don't realize they like until they experience it.

Pleasure For Two

There are even vibrating toys out there that can provide pleasurable vibrations for both man and woman at the same time. The Diving Dolphin is our favorite toy.  The jelly cock ring helps my boyfriend maintain a stronger, longer erection and the two bullet vibes provide separate testicular and clitoral stimulation. Sharing this type of stimulation provides a special kind of excitement that can bond couples even closer during lovemaking.

A Soft O'

Some men that have trouble becoming erect find that a vibrator can help them to achieve orgasm even though they're not erect.

Safe Sex

Using a vibrator alone is the safest form of sexual pleasure you can receive.

Convinced yet?  No? 

That's okay, lots of people have been conditioned into believing that sex toys of any type are bad or abnormal. So don't give up! Keep reading, there's still a lot more information for you to absorb and digest before making a final decision. There's lots of information within this site that can make your vibrator play more pleasurable, because adult toys don't come with instructions.